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A super absorbent powder that turns your dog's urine into an easy to clean gel.

Designed to be placed in the Pee Tree removal tray for easy and quick disposal.

Our Pee Zorb is eco-friendly, bio-degradable, safe and non-toxic making it perfect for your dog friend. It comes in a 500g size tub.

Suitable for all dog toilets.


  1. Millie’s mum

    This product is fantastic for stopping the stink associated with dog urine. I use it in my pet toilet and now don’t end up with urine on me. The powder becomes a yellow gel that doesn’t stink and is easy to dispose of. I have also sprinkled it directly on the carpet after the dog has urinated and have found it sucks up the mess which I can pick up with dustpan and brush. I’m a happy customer.

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